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Forain is pleased to inform that in the list of its products a new component is added: it is the Propane Ignition Gas Skid. The scope of this supply is necessary at the main ignition of the turbine, when the gas is not yet present under the conditions required by the project. The Propane gas system is placed outdoor in safe area, protected by dedicated concrete wall enclosure and realized according to fire fighting and explosion protection requirements.

The Ignition Gas System shall provide lighting fuel for GT start up at required conditions. During GT start up, the fuel ignition is performed by Pilot Burners System. The GT start up a gas ignition system (propane) must be provided, in order to supply the necessary ignition gas when requested.

In order to guarantee, the required pressure and therefore the corresponding equilibrium temperature to GT, a pump and an electric heater (vaporizer) shall be used. This skid is supplied complete with all components, valves and instruments. Forain has supplied many times in the past several skids like this to its customers and they have already been installed worldwide with positive result.

For this reason, if you too need such a solution, feel free to contact us and together we can study our skid for your needs and appliances. For any information or clarification don’t hesitate to contact us accordingly.

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